Our Physical Therapy services are both traditional and non-traditional in nature. We take a holistic and individualized approach to treatment by assessing you from head to toe through movement patterns, breathing, and strength mechanisms. All of these factors are integral pieces when determining why a person is in pain.

By examining the body as a whole, we are able to assess if multiple areas of your body may be influencing your injury, such as dysfunctional joints, posture, breathing, and/or faulty movement patterns. Addressing the entire neuromuscular system is the fastest way to get you feeling your best and return to optimal function.

Techniques such as the Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA™), Functional Movement Screen (FMS™), trigger point dry needling, postural restoration, Graston/IASTM, joint mobilization, neuromuscular re-education, stretching, taping, strengthening, corrective exercise, and pain reducing modalities are implemented to help you to achieve your personal goals and alleviate your symptoms.

We Provide Services For

  • Pre-rehabilitative services to prepare for surgery
  • Post-operative care to return to prior activities
  • Acute injuries therapy to manage pain and minimize compensation
  • Work or Sport related injuries
  • Postural dysfunction