"The team at Performance Health Spine and Sport has consistently worked with me through a serious ankle injury.

They have helped me rebuild all the components through multiple surgeries.  In addition, they have educated me along the process so I can maintain my expectations and continue to maintain a positive outlook.  It boils down to a team of the best people educating, encouraging and supporting their clients through painful and tough situations.  I am truly glad to have them behind me.  Thank you!"

-Kat Raphaelson 

"I am so happy with the outcome of my treatment for achilles tendonitis with Dr. King.

I went to Performance Health and Spine after Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (EPAT) was recommended to me by an orthopedic surgeon after 6 months of PT did not yield results. EPAT) was recommended as my last option before surgery which I really wanted to avoid. The Orthopaedist explained the treatment protocol and that I should receive no more than 5 treatments if I was not seeing results. I found Performance Health after searching for EPAT providers in the Concord area and researching treatment protocols. Performance Health followed the same protocol as what was recommended to me by the Orthopedist and what I found in the medical literature; this was important to me because it was not covered by my insurance and I would be paying out of pocket. After meeting with Dr. King I felt confident that I'd receive great care. He treated my achilles tendonitis and I had excellent results. It was not long before I was fully back to running. Five months after my treatment I completed my 6th marathon and four months later I completed my first 50k trail race."

- Regina Flynn

"What a refreshing approach to chiro care!

This was far from the 5 minute adjustment and requirement to return multiple times a week for results that you get in a lot of places. Dr. King took his time to listen to my concerns, provided targeted care plus suggestions on things I can do at home between visits. I was very impressed with the holistic approach. Highly recommend."

- Julie Smiley


" My family and I have been patients at Performance Health for many many years now

My family and I have been patients at Performance Health for many many years now and have been treated for all sorts of injuries. As a competitive athlete and gym owner, I feel confident with the results I will have and Performance Health is always my first phone call for care. I never hesitate to refer a client, friend or family member at the first hint of needing care. The team always goes above and beyond to get me seen for treatment. If you are dealing with an injury or issue, don’t hesitate to make an appointment!"

- Jody Waring