To say that the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving were busy around here would be an understatement. Those of you who may have been trying to get onto Sarah’s schedule especially were no doubt aware that appointment slots were few and far between. Although we place a great deal of emphasis on consistency in patient care here at Performance Health, we also do our very best to support our providers in pursuing Continuing Education whenever it is possible. Sarah was away twice in a little over a month expanding her mind and honing her skills in the areas of diagnosis and treatment especially. Traveling to Calgary, Alberta at the end of the October, Sarah attended the Functional Range Release (FR) course for the Spine. The focus of this course was a soft tissue release technique specific to the spine. This hands-on training has already proven to benefit patients working with her in our office.

Not two weeks later, Sarah was fortunate enough to be selected for a course that is a stepping stone for a Professional Mentorship program with Bill Hartman, a well-known Physical Therapist and Strength Coach in the Indianapolis area. The foundational principles of the course took into account Anatomy, Neurology, Physiology, Biology, and Physics. Sarah worked on the identification of these systems and factors related to pain and performance in order to better assess and develop individualized treatment plans for our patients. Using these guiding principles Sarah will look at breathing mechanics, range of motion, and movement variability to help each patient reach their goals. This opportunity to learn from one of the best is indeed a unique one. Below is a link to Bill Hartman’s blog. Check him out!