Training = Rehab and Rehab = Training Reflections

By CJ Best

When you think you know….You have no idea…

I recently returned from a weekend in Troy, New York where I saw Charlie Weingroff speak about his philosophy, “Training = Rehab and Rehab = Training.” Going into the weekend I felt as though I had a good grasp on what it is that makes a good strength coach.

I was excited to see Charlie having read and listened to many of his ideas. First off, what an engaging speaker, the two days flew by and left me wishing for more. More importantly, I was struck by his thought process, this seminar was mainly conceptual, and that was the beauty of it. He opened windows and doors into a realm of strength conditioning that only a physical therapist who markets themselves as a strength coach could.

Charlie has a vast educational background stemming from many of the most progressive practitioners in the industry. He is forging new ground with his view of what “training” really is. As a strength coach myself, I learned a few ‘flashy’ new moves, but the biggest takeaway were the concepts. The importance of the strength coaches perspective of how to conquer a limitation or imbalance, was immense. Charlie stated many times, “I don’t care what you do, as long as you do it well, and with these principles in place.” He left the door open for people to experiment, while highlighting the importance of what he knows to be the most effective and important considerations.

The line between training and rehab has been black and white for years, meaning you have either been doing one or the other; but how do you get from one to the other? Charlie’s perspective brought to light a big underlying question I have had with my own practice for years; and his philosophy brought me to a place where I know there is more to learn, refine, and perfect. There is a bigger picture, more that we haven’t considered.

I feel now more than ever, when you think you know a lot about something, you probably have no idea. I think its important never to become satisfied, or stagnant with what you know. We can always improve, and there is always someone or some concept we can learn from.

Jason Brown DC, Charlie Weingroff DPT, CJ Best

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