Running Gait Analysis

More than 50 percent of recreational runners and as many as 90 percent of runners training for a marathon will suffer running-related injuries each year. Analysis of your running form could reveal factors that may be contributing to development of an injury, and also provide insight into how best to structure a treatment plan. Improved running form could also yield performance benefits and help you to set a new personal record.

Whether you have been running for years or are just starting out, we provide expert examination and treatment of your running-related concerns.

Gait Analysis  – Filming session followed immediately by video review. Appointments typically last 40 minutes. Email follow-up as needed is included (e.g., if a more detailed analysis of the video footage is warranted).

Below is a sample series of gait videos from one of our clients who we filmed at Memorial Field track:

What can I expect from a Performance Health Gait Analysis?

Step 1 – Filming Session: We will first discuss your injury history, shoe use, and training/racing routine and goals. We will then capture video footage of your running form from three angles: front, back, and side.  Filming will be conducted either outdoors (preferable) or on a treadmill in our office. Once videos have been obtained, we will analyze the videos and provide you with results and feedback. Read the guidelines at the bottom of the page for more information on what to bring to an appointment.

Step 2 – Video Review: We will review your videos together immediately then discuss the elements of good running form.  We will discuss approaches to improving your running form, and depending on the outcome of the gait analysis, we might recommend additional form-training sessions, strength and flexibility screening, or manual therapy (ART, massage, etc.). We will discuss whether a new pair of running shoes might be warranted.

Step 3 – Email Follow-Up: We want to know how things progress with your running, and we include email follow-up with each gait analysis on an as-needed basis for continuing advice and feedback.

Below is a sample video from one of our clients who we filmed while driving alongside in a car:

Sample Running Gait Video – Right Side by Pete Larson and Brett Coapland on Vimeo.

Gait Analysis Guidelines

1.Weather – we generally prefer to film outdoors as it better simulates normal running conditions – rain is not typically a problem for filming, but a snowstorm or thunderstorm might require filming on the treadmill.

2. What to Wear – Wear athletic clothing to both the initial filming session and the follow-up session in case some on-the-spot gait training is needed. For the initial filming session compression/triathlon shorts are recommended as they allow better visualization of hip biomechanics. We may ask you to tuck in your shirt to further facilitate visualization of the hips and pelvis. Bring your typical training shoes, and one additional pair if you wish to see a comparison (e.g., training vs. speed/racing shoes).  If you wear orthotics, please bring them.


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